Personal care workshop

Supporting individuals to maintain their personal care requires person centred care planning and practical skills in assisting people in all aspects of personal hygiene. 

This workshop is aimed at those working with people who require personal care services, across a range of health and social care settings. Training will provide a solid introduction into the personal needs of people in care settings, how to provide these sensitively and respectfully and the importance of inclusive care.

Learning outcomes

  • Identification of the physical, intellectual, emotional and social effects on individuals
  • Knowledge of person centered care planning
  • Applying the principles of equality and diversity, care values, and dignity of care when assisting an individual with personal care
  • Understanding cultural personal care needs
  • Knowledge of denture care
  • Knowledge of pressure damage
  • Knowledge of how to assist a person with aspects of personal hygiene

Workshops are run with a minimum number of attendees. 

These workshops are priced individually and are an additional charge to the cost of studying for a diploma

Workshop location: Dynamic College training centre, Uxbridge, Middlesex. 

To book your interest in our workshop/s, please apply and we will respond to your request. 

Course details

4 hours