L5 Diploma Leadership in Health & Social Care

This qualification is to assess knowledge, understanding and skills in management within health and social care and children and young people’s services. It confirms competence in these areas and gives you the opportunity to build both your managerial and care skills. It enhances advanced practice within health and social care and children and young people’s services and fulfils the regulatory requirement for managers of children's homes or adult residential and domiciliary services.

Course availability

This course is currently available to learners located in the South East of England.

Who is the qualification for?

This qualification is for those already working at an appropriate level within the health and social care sector. You might be an assistant or deputy manager, or a manager who has not yet achieved a recognised vocational qualification at this level.

The Adults Residential Management pathway qualification is relevant to:

Senior staff and Managers in residential,domiciliary and day service settings including
• Managers of residential services
• Assistant managers of residential services
• Assistant managers
• Senior Care workers

This qualification provides the opportunity to:
• Develop and demonstrate competence in Health and Social Care management
• Develop technical skills and knowledge and understanding
• Have existing skills recognised
• Achieve a nationally-recognised Level 5 qualification
• Realise your potential


Learners can progress to higher education courses in health and social care leadership or courses in working with children and young people at undergraduate or postgraduate level.

Programme delivery

This qualification is delivered over 11 months by blended learning, mainly through our web based online learning platform. 6 – 10 hours a week self-directed study is a mandatory requirement for learners to achieve this award.

You will be assigned a qualified assessor who will evaluate you, via assessment of work based performance, production of evidence, witness testimony, questioning and competence against the relevant standards. A portfolio of evidence which need to be produced by week 9 to demonstrate your development and that you can meet the criteria required.

In order to achieve, you must demonstrate that you meet the relevant stated outcomes and demonstrate the required knowledge and understanding.

For the Diploma to be awarded, you will be required to achieve the following credits.

Number of credits that must be achieved 90
Number of mandatory credits that must be achieved 30
Number of credits that must be achieved from optional units 60

Unit No Unit Title Credit
Unit 1 (M) Use and develop systems that promote communication
Unit 2 (M) Promote professional development 4
Unit 3 (M) Champion equality, diversity and inclusion 4
Unit 4 (M) Develop health and safety and risk management policies. Procedures and practices in health and social care or children and young peoples setting 5
Unit 5 (M) Work in partnership in health and social care or children and young peoples settings 4
Unit 42 (M) Undertake a Research Project within Services for Health and Social Care or Children and Young People 10
Unit 12 (O) Manage health and social care practice to ensure positive outcomes for individuals 5
Unit 13 (O) Safeguarding and protection of vulnerable adults 5
Unit 14 (O) Lead and manage group living for adults 5
Unit 15 (O) Understand safeguarding of children and young people (for those working in the adult sector) 1
Unit 16 (O) Lead person - centred practice 4
Unit 9 (O) Lead and manage a team within a health and social care or children and young peoples setting 7
Unit 10 (O) Develop professional supervision practice in health and social care or children and young peoples work settings 5
Unit 18 (O) Develop procedures and practices to respond to concerns and complaints 6
Unit 23 (O) Facilitate change in health an social care or children and young peoples setting 6
Unit 26 (O) Manage quality in health and social care or children and young peoples setting 5
Unit 27 (O) Develop and evaluate operational plans for own area of responsibility 6
Unit 30 (O) Understand how to manage a team 3
Unit 32 (O) Understand the process and experience of dementia 3

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How to register

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Course details

11 months


Payment options 
We have a choice of payment methods, in order to provide a flexible approach to learning.

  1. Payment in full
  2. Payment plans, available at 0% interest and payments split across the duration of the programme. For further information, please email us via finance@dynamiccollege.org.uk
  3. Adult Learner Loan